Why Quickworks?

Effective video productions

Experienced, flexible and fast if need be. We are the best partner for all your video productions. Videos that get noticed and that engage the audience. Our expertise, empathy and structured approach are the foundations of our success.

The benefits for you?

As a highly professional video production company, we offer all possible production services under the one roof. From strategy and creation to activation. Do you need a whole stable of video content or are you just looking to commission a single, spectacular corporate video? We take up every challenge with the same level of passion.

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Why work with QuickWorks?

Your video is our success

QuickWorks will become part of your team, if only for a small period of time. That makes your success, our success. Creating something together, connecting and providing a great experience, Isn't that the best thing of all?

This is what we stand for:

Passion > We can't wait to work on a project.  Video production is our passion and our expertise. 

Uncomplicated > There is always a way to make things work!

Creative > We want to tell your story through a creative, succesvol corporate film or video campaign.

Direct > Open and honest with short lines. We trust in each others efforts and talent.

Goal oriented > Understanding your target audience and reaching your goals is what we strive for with our productions. 

Let us do your video production

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How we do it

What can you expect from all-round video production company QuickWorks? We believe in a sophisticated approach for devising, creating and activating excellent (branded) video content. Content that people will actually watch. In one company, we combine all expertise to develop a video strategy with the power of our production team to subsequently deploy the video content in an effective and targeted way. We often apply the 3H model for a structured approach. This way, we can continually attune your message to the (latent) needs of your target audience.

“Ginger Duprie: 'Fast and good videoproductions', We're very happy with the results.”

| Marente Beeldzorg

The team

the “Master”. Loves great material, quality and tight project planning. Always works toward the best story and the best short. Please do not disturb once he gets into the flow. Best way to relax: watching horrible singers on YouTube with the boys. Ultimate goal: exceeding expectations, time and time again.

Christiaan JB Snel

Creative Director | DOP | Owner
070 - 318 22 11

Loves meeting new people, developing and brainstorming. Does accelerate quite quickly… Can always find opportunities for a strong content strategy. Cherishes existing relationships and celebrates every new customer.

Johanna Snel

Accountmanager | Owner
06 - 388 28 338 | 071 - 333 34 13

The latest member of Quickworks. As a producer Vincent doesn’t get scared by long phone calls and emails, all to make sure we get the best results. He also gives support where needed. He is friendly, calm and always cheerful, unless we’re out of coffee.

Vincent Plu

071 - 408 58 26

Relaxed and focused no matter what. If you see him wandering around on his socks, you know he has entered the Zone. Loves coming up with amazing shots with the Master. But also excels at colour grading, after effects and great dining.

Patrick Duijndam

Cameraman | Editor
071 - 408 58 26

This pro will design the best online magazines, with content created by her QuickWorks colleagues. Magazines that will completely captivate the audience, because off the beautiful design and strong the visual storytelling. And as always, video content will play a major role.

Victoria Zondervan

Designer | Editor
071 - 408 58 26

Our social and communication expert. Ensures that QuickWorks makes itself heard on LinkedIn, Youtube, FB and Insta. Makes the greatest mailing campaigns and does not turn her hand around for an interesting blog. Vlogging, white papers etc. she can do it all.

Sandra Duijndam

Content Marketeer
071 - 408 58 26