Why QuickWorks

Challenge > We love a good challenge. Videos that are just “alright” are not good enough for us. We want to make videos with a real Wow! factor.

Pride > We take pride in our work and don’t settle for anything but the best results. Whether it’s a corporate video or a full-fledge video campaign, we are not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

> A great company is made up of people with all kind of talents that love working together. That combination leads to wonderful results every single time.

 > We want to get to know you, because only then can be create video content that really communicates what your company stands for.

No worrying > We are passionate about collaborating, storytelling, video marketing and effective, beautiful video productions. We will tell your story to your intended audience—you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Unique > We can communicate your story clearly and without unnecessary fuss. We value a good professional relationship and our production team will consult and assist you wherever necessary, while also keeping an eye on deadlines. The mutual collaborations with our customers make us a unique partner—just ask our other clients.

the QuickWorks team

the “Master”. Loves great material, quality and tight project planning. Always works toward the best story and the best short. Please do not disturb once he gets into the flow. Best way to relax: watching horrible singers on YouTube with the boys. Ultimate goal: exceeding expectations, time and time again.

Christiaan JB Snel

Creative Director | DOP | Owner
070 - 318 22 11

Loves meeting new people, developing and brainstorming. Does accelerate quite quickly… Can always find opportunities for a strong content strategy. Cherishes existing relationships and celebrates every new customer.

Johanna Snel

Accountmanager | Owner
06 - 388 28 338 | 071 - 333 34 13

The latest member of Quickworks. As a producer Vincent doesn’t get scared by long phone calls and emails, all to make sure we get the best results. He also gives support where needed. He is friendly, calm and always cheerful, unless we’re out of coffee.

Vincent Plu

071 - 408 58 26

Relaxed and focused no matter what. If you see him wandering around on his socks, you know he has entered the Zone. Loves coming up with amazing shots with the Master. But also excels at colour grading, after effects and great dining.

Patrick Duijndam

Cameraman | Editor
071 - 408 58 26

This pro will design the best online magazines, with content created by her QuickWorks colleagues. Magazines that will completely captivate the audience, because off the beautiful design and strong the visual storytelling. And as always, video content will play a major role.

Victoria Zondervan

Designer | Editor
071 - 408 58 26

Our social and communication expert. Ensures that QuickWorks makes itself heard on LinkedIn, Youtube, FB and Insta. Makes the greatest mailing campaigns and does not turn her hand around for an interesting blog. Vlogging, white papers etc. she can do it all.

Sandra Duijndam

Content Marketeer
071 - 408 58 26

Location QuickWorks

Historical building

In 2014, QuickWorks moved into its beautiful and highly accessible location in Rijnsburg. Our converted barn offers visitors a true experience: the modern film studio has been realised in a space that used to hold flower bulbs in the 1920s. There are no more bulbs here, just the bright lights that will make your product, service, or company shine with the best possible visual materials.


This monumental, industrial building is a crucible where creativity, inspiration, peace and space come together. Here, we can unleash our creativity to bring your story to life in our editing suites, daylight studios and green screen recording studios.