Creating desire and inciting action

You take advertising for your company for granted. But in what way? A good advertising video can give your product or service a huge boost. But it has to fit within your strategy and be adapted to the viewers that belong in your target group. A good advertising video makes a neutral viewer realize that your product or service is indispensable in their lives. They have to have it! With the advent of social media and the empowerment of today's consumers, a simple advertising video is no longer sufficient. It will have to be really catchy. Attention is scarce these days. Within seconds you want to catch the attention. The interest is transformed into a desire that eventually incites to action. Storytelling, powerful images and the right music clearly explain your message. And who knows, maybe your advertising video will go viral!

Commissioning an advertising video

Videoproduction proces

Input and brainstorm

Scripting by our creatives

Our filmcrew in action

In-house post-production

Preview and adjustments


Make an impression

A good promotional film really impresses your target group. A film with the right images, supported by the right sound, will convince your viewers to become customers. Promotional films can be used in many different ways within your company. Product launches, events or campaigns are perfect moments to use a promotional film.

Excellent promotional films optimally used
You can have a promotional film made by an experienced video production company that understands your goals. At Quickworks we always go for your success. That's why we go beyond the production of your film. We guide you step by step, brainstorm with you about your idea or concept, make a great promotional film for your goal, and help you spread the word.

Getting and keeping attention

Visual imagery is the ideal way of communication. It keeps the attention of your target group longer, your story is better remembered. Your promotional film is suitable for use on various channels. Besides the well-known TV commercials you can use your film on your website, social media and fairs.

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5 tips for a perfect advertising video and promotional video

The perfect advertising video will increase your customer base and boost sales. But how does one do this in a world where people are paying less and less attention to advertising?

Tip 1: Define your target audience

Clearly defining your target audience will help you attune your commercial to a specific viewer. If you can address your audience directly and in an engaging way, your chances of finding new customers are greatly increased.

Tip 2: Make sure your video is entertaining

Including a certain level of entertainment in your commercial will allow you to capture your audience’s attention, increasing the chances that they’ll watch the entire video.

Tip 3: Establish a clear advertising strategy

There can be no success without strategy. A proper strategy will allow you to realise returns on your video investments. Simply launching a bunch of unrelated clips across all kinds of media serves no purpose. Having the right strategy will help your campaign become a success.

Tip 4: Don't scrooge on production value

Throwing money at airtime and online advertising will not do anything if the video you’re using is poorly produced. QuickWorks can help you every step of the way, from the first concept up to the activation of your commercial.

Tip 5: Include neuromarketing in your commercial

The application of the principles of neuromarketing will allow you to subconsciously motivate a viewer’s actions. For instance, the most effective advertising efforts are uncomplicated ones that that invoke positive emotions.