Branded video content that makes your audience happy

Addressing passions and interests

Branded content differs from traditional advertising in a crucial way: the focus in branded content is not on the commercial message but on expression of the corporate identity and added value in the form of entertainment. Branded video content addresses your audience’s passions and interests. This means that such videos don’t interrupt whatever the viewer is doing; on the contrary, the audience actively seeks out such videos. With the support of a strong video strategy and an effective activation plan, your branded video content will feature on platforms where it will reach the right people.

Branded video content tells your story


Branded video content tells your brand’s story, but does this in subtle ways. The primary criterion for success is that branded content be fun to watch. Recognisable, relevant and useful for the target audience. A branded video can for example show your company’s involvement in social issues or charities.

Finding the right balance

Inspiring videos with a twist ending often do very well as branded videos. There is even a chance that your video goes viral. Branded video content really looks nothing like a more traditional commercial—it’s a cool video that just happens to talk about your brand as well. This core concept can make it tricky to come up with an effective branded video, because one really needs to hit the perfect balance between sales and entertainment. This is a creative puzzle that QuickWorks has plenty of experience with!

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