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Would you like to have a digital magazine? Then you've come to the right place! Whether you would just like us to take care of the (video) content and design or the entire project? Everything is possible! We have all the experts in-house to make it possible. This enables us to create a custom-made digital magazine that meets your needs. 

There are several ways to design your content. For example, have you ever thought of an annual report in the look of a digital magazine? Or would you like a brochure that stands out? Tell us what your wishes and ideas are. Haven't decided yet what you want? Our creative team will be happy to think along with you! By working together we achieve the best results.

Magazine examples

Take a look at our free, online magazine Cinefleur, which we produce ourselves; from the production of video content to layout and publication. 

Example magazine

Seperate page

No need for an entire magazine? A separate page is also possible! As an example, take a look at our making of page of the floricultural initiative #lethopebloom. Another example is our Partnership page of Cinefleur.

Example seperate page 1

Example seperate page 2


Inspired by these beautiful examples? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities of your own digital magazine!

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