Why use a drone video

Bird's-eye view

Drone videos are all the rage these days. And understandably so: filming with drones opens up completely new creative avenues. Images that always seemed impossible are now within reach. A drone video offers incredible freedom. From extreme close-ups to impressive wide angles—a drone video can do it all. Flying like a bird is a dream as old as time, and drone videos have now made this dream a reality. The notion of flight is often associated with strong ambitions, progress, and pushing boundaries. The perfect concepts to integrate into your company message. Capture your company in unique and spectacular fashion with a drone video.

Drone images in your video production

Until recently, drone videos were the domain of companies with large budgets. Nowadays, drone videos are very affordable and quite easy to integrate into your video campaign. In most cases, we will combine drone footage with other video materials to tell your story from several points of view.

“Breathtaking drone footage leaves a lasting impression”

Commission QuickWorks to make a drone video

Certified and experienced drone video

Our certified and experienced drone pilot can shoot spectacular drone videos both indoors and outdoors. We will provide the flight plan, the script, and safety measures. Our drone pilot is properly certified for safe and professional drone control.

The most beautiful drone images

QuickWorks has the most modern equipment and the skills to make the most beautiful drone shots in 4K. Ultra HD, or 4K, has a 4 times higher resolution than the commonly used Full HD. This means that your video is even sharper in focus. Besides making and editing drone videos, QuickWorks helps you to deploy these images. Your drone video can be widely used and many media and marketing purposes are suitable. We are happy to help you distribute your drone video effectively, for maximum results. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Commissioning a drone video

Aerial footage shot from an airplane

Aerial footage shot from an airplane

If local regulations don’t allow for flying drones, we have another option available: shooting aerial footage from an actual airplane. We use a special camera mount that allows us to record beautiful images.

The pricing will surprise you

We have successfully shot aerial footage from airplanes for all kinds of customers, such as RietlandenVan Egmond Potgrond and Adri & Zoon. Using an airplane might sound expensive, but you’d be surprised how affordable it can be. People usually estimate the costs to be much higher than they actually are, so don’t hesitate to request a price quote.


Certified and safe

Are you worried about the safety aspect of drone videos, and possible negative effects on your brand? With QuickWorks, you don't have to worry about that. We are fully aware of the laws and regulations surrounding drone videos. We have the necessary licenses and our pilot holds a pilot's license. All the necessary certificates are present and our drone pilot is well insured. The safety around making your drone video is our first priority.

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Using drones in offshore settings

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