Event video productions

One-stop shop

Putting together any corporate event is a lot of work, and there are always things that need to be done at the very last minute. So the last thing you want is having to worry about the event video content, the audio-visual equipment, video recordings, or live streaming the event. This is exactly where QuickWorks comes in: we will handle these things for you so that you can focus on the content and the visitors of your event. We provide the best quality at competitive prices.

Great and diverse video content 

Recording an event, corporate party, opening, seminar or presentation in a professional way requires an expert approach. As every moment happens only once, we must make sure to capture everything perfectly immediately. To this end, we draw up an efficient script that allows us to set up everything we need in advance. We can furthermore create exciting opening trailers, background visuals, or other video content to be projected during your event.

Equipment rental and operation

Besides professional video content, cameras, and audio equipment, QuickWorks can also provide all kinds of video screens, lighting, and other engineering accessories. We will install everything on site and our professional staff members will make sure everything operates flawlessly during the event itself.

Why event videoproducties with QuickWorks

Plan-based approach

Optimal use of budget

In-house video production

More value for money

One stop shop for all your video content

Commisioning QuickWorks to make an event video

The advantages

We can take care of all your event video, live streaming, equipment rental, and aftermovie needs.

Your advantages:

  • One-stop-shop for all your footage, visuals and equipment rental needs.
  • Relying on a flexible and experienced team
  • Only the latest equipment
  • Full professional supervision: from consultation and scripts to recording, delivery and activation
  • All kinds of (live) recording options; 4K footage, photography,time lapse, drone and more
  • Excellent price-quality ratio

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How about a great mood video that puts the (potential) visitors of your event in the right mood online or before the event starts? Or do you have a well-known person who would like to speak at your event but is unable to attend? We are happy to record a video message, so that the absent person can tell his or her story to your audience in person. Alternate your presentation with an explanation video. You increase the impact of your part of the programme and provide a nice change for your audience.

Event impression

Attracts more participants to your event
Your event is a big happening, a great experience for everyone attending. How nice it would be to share this experience with even more people. That's possible with the event impression video. Let the participants of your event reminisce, and give the absentees a good reason to come next time...

People want experience
Of course you want your event sold out, every time. An event impression video is a great way to attract more participants. Often they don't just choose the content of an event. Which speakers will be there, how is the atmosphere, participants often choose on emotion. They want to know what to expect. Answer all their questions at once with a short video impression. A creative and expressive video impression is quickly likened and shared on social media by your current participants. There is no stronger way to convince your new participants to be present.

Live streaming

Your event visible to a larger audience

You want to reach as many people as possible. Or your event turns out to be a resounding success, but you have room for a limited number of people. How do you make sure that other interested people can experience your event? Live streaming is the solution here. At sports events this is already regularly applied, in business video streaming also offers several advantages. Video says more than 1000 words. If you broadcast the images of your event live, they get an extra dimension. The viewer is unaware that with live images you don't have time to edit any errors. This gives a great sense of authenticity. In addition, people now have to watch. Looking back later is not possible. Because of the 'now or never' feeling a live video streaming will be watched better than a normal video.

Live registration, also available for your company

Do you doubt whether live registration fits your budget? Modern techniques and equipment have ensured that live registration can be used in many more situations than before. You can also broadcast via various channels, such as YouTube live, Facebook live and your own website. Of course we will look, together with you, at which channel is the most suitable and suits your company best. The investment for live registration is not that bad. Of course, the final costs depend on your wishes. But even with a smaller budget a lot is possible. You can make it as crazy as you want, from a single camera, multiple cameras or timelapse. Nothing is too crazy at Quickworks.


Aftermovie of your event

Your event is over, a very successful day. Everyone was thrilled. You want to hold on to that feeling for a while... And you can, with the aftermovie! Let your visitors, employees and sponsors reminisce about the highlights of your event. Chances are that your aftermovie will be shared via social media channels. This way you will reach a new audience immediately. Possible participants in your next event. An Aftermovie is the ideal way to bring your brand and company to the attention of a large audience.

Everything for your event

An event requires a lot of regulation. What could be more convenient than one supplier? At Quickworks we deliver the complete package. All equipment around sound and video for your event, the recording of your event videos, atmospheric impression, live streaming, aftermovie and more. Do you want to make your event a success? Contact Quickworks, we will be happy to brainstorm with you about the possibilities for your event.