How it's made video

The people behind the business

Why make a how it’s made video for your company? Because people buy products and services from other people, not from businesses. Store or restaurant employees are the ones who can make or break a company. A great salesperson in a store can make a personal connection with a customer and can therefore sell faster and more.

Put a face to your company by publishing a behind the scenes video and show people how your company works in a transparent way. Show spontaneous footage of employees, partners and customers going about their day. This will engage the viewer and forge a connection with your company.

Creating transparancy

A great behind the scenes video creates a bond of trust with your target audience. Once your target audience has seen your business up close, the step to buying something has become a lot smaller. Many people require a certain level of transparency before they can trust you. A video is the ultimate tool in communicating this transparency.


With a timelapse video the construction of an event, a change of name on a building or the construction of a building can be visualized. A video or project video can also be used to show how you approach a project from A to Z. This inspires confidence and gives you the opportunity to show your professional approach.

Commissioning a professional behind-the-scenes video

It’s easy to underestimate the power of a good making-of video. In some cases, the behind-the-scenes video can be even more important than the final result. So it’s a shame not to pay proper attention to this element, or to quickly shoot a jumbled video with your phone.*

A professional behind-the-scenes video can be a really powerful tool for your advertising campaign. QuickWorks can help you shoot unique, original and professional making-of videos at home and abroad.

The right tone-of-voice

Every video requires its own strategy. To arrive at that strategy, we must first consider the core, the real objective that the video will serve. What atmosphere do you want to communicate? What is the target audience? And how do you want to use the video? We can forge a real connection with the target audience by deploying the right tone of voice and emotion. Just as in a project video, we will look for the things that make your company unique. We use these insights to make unique images that show your company in authentic ways.

* If it’s not possible to invite a film crew to your location, we can also teach you how to make the best possible footage using a smartphone. You can then send us the results and we will craft them into a great corporate video in our editing suite.

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Making a professional behind the scenes video involves more than just filming and editing. Quickworks is an all-round video production company that is happy to help you through all the phases. In this way, you will achieve a beautiful and effective result, which will really benefit your company.

Step 1. The intake

Before we start filming we will discuss your wishes in detail. We want to get to know you and your company well in order to get to the heart of the matter. What do you want to convey in this video and for whom is it intended? With this information we can effectively get started.

Step 2. The script

As soon as your wishes are clear, our creative director works out the script, and we make a preliminary planning. These will then be presented to you. If necessary, we can also arrange the casting of actors and extras.

After your approval of the concept and script, we will start recording the footage.

Step 3. The production

And then it's our camera crew's turn. All necessary footage will be shot. This can be done at your location or in our professional studio. We use the latest video techniques. By combining different recording possibilities, such as timelapse and drone video, we create a captivating whole.

Step 4. The post production

The cameraman can still record such beautiful images, if the editing is not right it's a waste of money. A correct editing of the footage is extremely important. That is why we only work with the best editors.

Step 5. Delivery and activation

As soon as the video, after the correction round, is completely to your liking, it will be delivered in the desired format. For an optimal effect, we are also happy to help you activate your video content. Your behind the scenes video can be used both online and offline. Make use of our video marketing experience and use your video very effectively.

Would you like an effective behind the scenes video for your company? We are happy to help you with this! Contact us for an introduction, we like to be inspired by your case.