Industry and tech video productions

You can tell a lot about your company, project or process, but images speak so much more. We combine our empathy, technical knowledge and years of experience to produce high quality video content. Whether it's a good project film, a company film with a strong story, a product or recruitment video. We know exactly how to visualize your story. 

We offer a full-service approach. From idea to end result by a team of in-house pros with all the equipment at hand. 


Making appealing video productions is our passion. We understand what you want to achieve, what triggered your audience and we go for it! We think along with you about what kind of content is best suited to your goal and target group. Whether it is a video impression of the new machine park, a specific project or product video.

Industrial knowledge

Our camera guys have extensive technical expertise which makes them suitable for any industrial and technical project. They have an eye for the right detail and entirety. Safety always comes first. That is what they pay attention to. The right distance but also making sure that what is captured is correct when it comes to PMB.  We have VCA and offshore papers, our own PPE and drone certificates.


There's always a way to make things work. For example, a crew of one or more people. Making multiple types of content such as drone shots, film shots, photography and timelapse. Project progress shots spread over several days whether at home or abroad. We work with short lines, so that we can switch quickly. Changes in the planning? We know how to deal with these as well. 

Why QuickWorks?

One stop shop for all your video content

Technical Expertise

In-house video production

Plan-based approach

Optimal use of budget

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Behind the Scenes

“Good, clear and professional. Nice cooperation and a nice end result. Distinctive in price-quality level. Recommended!”

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