Information film

An information film that activates your audience

An information film can have a strong effect on the ideas, attitudes and behaviours regarding a certain subject. You can increase awareness about a certain issue, make people think about it and help them make the right decision. An information film can be a powerful tool for a company looking to realise its objectives. Images are more powerful than words. A proper film can appeal to the viewer’s emotions. An emotions are just what you need to promote an active attitude and manipulate behaviours.

An information film that makes a difference

An impressive information film can make all the difference for your target audience. Public and semi-public authorities and organisations use information films to inform audiences about safety campaigns and government programmes.

Non-profit information videos

Information firms that bring your client peace of mind

Information films are great communication tools for non-profit organisations such as hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulance services. By providing clear and easy-to-understand information about a certain treatment, you can literally show your clients the future. This greatly relaxes and comforts them, and it can answer many questions that your staff then no longer has to take time for.

Show what your charity does

Charities can really highlight their message by publishing a great information film. It’s a good way to bring unfamiliar social issues to the attention of large groups of people. The audience starts thinking about the problems and become emotionally involved in them. An impressive non-profit video increases the chances that people will want to donate to or assist in your charity.

Why QuickWorks

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Commissioning an infomercial

Highlight your product or service in clever ways by commissioning an informercial. This mixture of information and commercial is an effective way to promote publicity and brand-awareness. A good informercial offers exactly the right formal information combined with a subtle commercial message.

QuickWorks is a professional video company with lots of experience in bringing products and services to the attention of audiences. An infomercial is a sophisticated tool, the perfect combination between promotional and product videos.

Commercials are often ignored or fast-forwarded, but your potential customers are still interested in more information about your products or services before they’ll make a purchase. Infomercials are the perfect way to provide your target audience with the information they need.

Targeted infomercial

Infomercials your audience wants to see

Your product or service offers the solution to a problem. Perhaps even a problem of which your target group was not (yet) aware, or had already accepted. Take sun creams, for example. Few people like to use them, but it is important to protect the skin from the sun. In an infomercial you can draw the viewer's attention to the 'problems' and frustrations that current creams bring with them. Such as awkward application and the sticky and unpleasant feeling they leave behind. An accepted frustration of many people.

In your infomercial, you show that things can also be different. Your product has none of these drawbacks and does even more. That appeals to your target group, there is a solution to a problem they had previously accepted. A subtle mention of the product name and points of sale is sufficient for the viewer to proceed to purchase. An infomercial gives you the opportunity to arouse interest with your customers, and therefore to realize more sales.

Achieve your goal with an infomercial

An infomercial often lasts longer than an ordinary commercial. You can go deeper into your product or service. With the right team you can make a film that achieves the desired result. You will have to hold the attention of the audience, and credibility depends on many factors. Quickworks knows exactly how to put together a convincing infomercial.

We have a broad network and can arrange the casting of well-known or less well-known actors or extras for you. The tone of voice has to be right and your target group has to feel addressed in order to achieve the desired effect. Do you want a catchy infomercial for your company? Contact us today!