Information video

Your massage delivered with clarity

Information videos are wonderful tools for clearly communicate complex ideas, business models, processes, products, and services. Whether you need a software demo video, a How-To video, an instruction video or a case study video: information videos will allow your company to present itself as an expert in its field. QuickWorks is ready to help you plan, create and activate your information videos.

The key success factors of any information video

Information videos are perfect examples of the 3H Model’s “Help” category. This kind of video content will yield highly satisfied customers and will continuously stimulate your conversion. You’ll create more loyalty and involvement among anyone interested in your products or services. Brand awareness will continue to peak by providing your target audience useful information. Information videos furthermore allow people to resolve issues themselves, which will greatly relieve the pressure on your helpdesk and customer service departments.

Structured series of information videos

You can build a loyal base of brand fans with a structured series of information videos. This type of video content is great for publishing on your website, in digital manuals, and on channels such as YouTube. Information channels are also very popular on social media. You can easily increase your brand value and it’s relatively easy to attract new followers this way. Properly optimised videos furthermore help improve your SEO.

How-to videos

Videos that actually add value 

Just like information videos, How-To videos can be a powerful part of your video content marketing. A How-To video will add tangible, immediately applicable value for your target audience. People will appreciate this and you’ll soon find yourself with a loyal online audience. Some audience members even go on to become brand ambassadors: superfans of your brand and company. A How-To video discusses step by step how a product works or how the viewer can use it themselves. You can explain how your products works and thereby pre-empt all kinds of questions that your helpdesk or salespeople would otherwise have to deal with.

Such videos thus offer very practical information that has direct value to the viewers themselves. One could think of simple directions on how to bake a cake, or more complicated guidelines on how to reprogramme a machine. Whatever information you’re planning to communicate, your audience must be able to quickly and easily understand the video. We can for instance insert animations and graphics to illuminate and clarify the information.

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Instruction videos and trainings videos

Clear and effectief

There is a certain art to providing clear instructions that any user will understand. A proper instruction video can help you communicate your message in an easy-to-understand manner. Videos are an effective tool for explaining complicated products or processes quickly and easily. You can guide the viewer through all steps of the process and you’ll have the opportunity to explain even the most complex facets in simple terms. Such videos can be great tools that you can post on your website or show during sales meetings. Does your company sell complicated equipment? Providing a training video can greatly help your customers make the most of your product.

Software demonstration video

Bring your software to life

Software companies face an interesting challenge: they don’t have a tangible product to  show. So how can you find and entice customers? A software demo is a fantastic way to bring the power and capabilities of your software to life. Screen capture is an indispensable component of such videos. But there are even more important ingredients to a really creative software demo video.

Making it personal

Add a human face to your product by including a presenter in your video who demonstrates the software. After all, people do business with people. You can use one of your own employees, or hire a professional actor—we’d be more than happy to help you with casting. By making a unique, innovative software demonstration video, you can distinguish yourself within your industry and outpace all your competitors.

Case study video

Case study videos, an influential tool

Case study videos are a hugely important marketing tool that allow you to present your company’s successes in the most convincing and credible way. Nothing in sales works better than showing that other people and companies – that your customers can identify with – are already successfully using the product or service you’re trying to sell. Not only will such videos serve as inspiration, they will also instigate a “I want that too!” effect. And what better way to show this than by presenting you with case studies of our other assignments, so that you can see what you can expect from us.

Case study videos make an important contribution to your marketing, as they comply with one of marketing’s golden rules: talk about a product’s advantages, not its characteristics. Show your product or service in action, while keeping the focus on the customer. This will increase the audience’s trust in your product and your brand.

Wide-ranging applications

Case study videos can be used in all kinds of ways. On your own website and social platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, but such videos can also greatly enhance email marketing efforts and all kinds of offline marketing materials.