Commussioning a catchy job opning video

Catchy Job opening video

Long, complicated job ads are really a thing of the past. They can even be experienced as annoying, meaning you may miss out on the best candidates. Show how fun your company can be to work at using a catchy job opening video, which will allow you to appeal to a potential candidate’s emotions and to set the right tone for your employee search. Potential candidates can see for themselves what your company has to offer and whether they will fit in there. QuickWorks is the ideal partner for creating such videos, from brainstorming and scripting to production and distribution.

Advantages of a job opening video

Job opening videos yield your company several advantages, such as:

  • A job opening video quickly introduces candidates to your company
  • A video is more interesting than a block of text, and there’s a greater chance people will follow it to the end
  • The candidate gets a taste of the internal company atmosphere and can see whether they would fit in there
  • The task description is much more comprehensive: you can simply show it
  • In general, companies get more responses to videos than to conventional job ads
  • Instead of an impersonal job description, you can talk freely about different facets of the job
  • The applicant has already been introduced to the company, which will save time during interviews
  • You will only get responses from the most suitable candidates

Are you looking for top talent? Then make a job opening video or series. We are happy to show you the possibilities!


Recruitment video

Attract the finest talent

Recruitment videos are a great instrument for attracting the best talents in your field. Videos have become a mammoth mass medium and many companies have a dedicated video marketing strategy. So why would anyone write long texts for job ads? A recruitment video gets a lot of attention from the right people.

Show potentual candidates what happens behind the scenes

Just as a corporate video can inform, convince and entice viewers, a recruitment video can show potential applicants what happens behind the scenes at your company. Show them your story, introduce the company to them, let them get a taste of the atmosphere and introduce them to some of their future colleagues. Nowadays, a company’s work climate and corporate culture are almost just as important as an employee’s position and salary. And what better way to communicate this climate and culture than in a recruitment video?