Corporate mood video

Creating the right atmosphere

Moving images can invoke strong emotions in the viewer. A mood video provides beautiful images that connect to your audience’s experience and emotions. In some cases, you’d like to bring your audience in a certain mood, for example just before a big presentation or when visitors land on your website. But mood videos are also great tools during trade fairs, where audio is often drowned out and the image needs to do all the talking.


Other than instruction videos and the like, a mood video is not intended to disseminate specific information but aims to inspire, motivate, and activate your audience. In order to truly capture and communicate your image and message, we first delve into your company to familiarise ourselves with your business, objectives, vision, and communication goals.

Mood video

Would you like to make a mood video for your company?
A nice mood video for your event, the perfect start of your presentation or the catchy image on your website? Then you've come to the right place at Quickworks. With a good mood video, the right atmosphere is created immediately; you give the viewers a certain emotion with which you can achieve your goals.

A strong combination of video and music
A mood video consists purely of images and sound or music. There are no spoken texts in it. But that doesn't make the message any less clear. If the mood video is well put together, the message comes across as super powerful. Quickworks creates a mood video for you that reflects your company, the way you like it.

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When do you put in a mood video?

Mood videos can be used in different places. That's what we called your presentation, fair and website. But also events are very suitable. Even as a corporate video the mood video can be used. In a short period of time you can show as many positive impressions of your company as possible. Cheerful employees, satisfied customers and of course your product or service will be clearly visible. This way a good feeling about your company can be conveyed to your target group in a few minutes.

Commissioning a mood video from QuickWorks

Mood video's that make a lasting inpression

QuickWorks will deliver a corporate mood video that will make a lasting impression on your audience. We are storytellers to the very core, and we don’t always need words. Our team is brimming with creative and innovative ideas.

A video that truly adds value to your company. Our team tackles any project – big or small – with the same passion and dedication. Are you ready to commission a mood video for your organisation? Contact us today and stop by for an introduction over a cup of coffee.