Non profit video for NGO’s

Attract attention

Attract the audience’s attention for your social issues, raise awareness and encourage behaviourial changes with the perfect non-profit video. Your target audience is not looking for a product or service. They want to use their time, funds, or services to make a difference on this planet. A non-profit video is the perfect tool for showing the positive impact of your NGO. Your objectives and message differ greatly from those broadcast by companies, and a non-profit video therefore requires a different approach. QuickWorks has a lot of experience with communicating emotions in videos.

Non-profit video's rely on storytelling

Storytelling is a QuickWorks passion and we are always excited when we can use our experience. Telling a story has a much greater impact than listing facts and figures. And non-profit organisations have amazing stories to share with the world! What makes your project important? What aid and support have you realised, and what were the results? You want to communicate your message in a captivating and clear way and win people over for your organisation.

Attract new sponsors and donors with your non-profit video

Most people are very willing

Your NGO (non-governmental organisation) works outside of any government agency. You pursue political, societal or charitable goals by non-commercial means. But even these means require funds. An army of individual donors can keep your organisation going, but it’s good to remember that many companies allocate donations to NGOs as well. After all, the modern consumer is increasingly on the lookout for socially-conscious businesses, and employees also enjoy working for organisations that take responsibility.

Broadcast your efforts

Many companies are happy to sponsor festivals, events and charities. Your NGO can become one of the organisations to receive such corporate generosity. But how can you attract the proper attention for your non-profit? Right: with a great non-profit video. Show what it is you do, what you’ve realised already, and why your organisation is the right one for a company to support. Help sponsoring partners realise that they are not merely making a donation: this is a business deal that both parties will benefit from. Show potential sponsors the commercial opportunities of events, charities, or organisations and they’ll be happy to support you.

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At home and abroad, from start to finish

NGO marketing

Even though marketing is fundamentally about achieving more turnover, non profit organizations also do business marketing. The goals are just different. Like recruiting members, attracting new sponsors and contributions or increasing awareness about your goal. As a not-for-profit organization you mainly sell yourself. And this is often accompanied by a certain feeling you want to give people, an emotion. Video marketing can help you in this.

What will be the story?

A story that conveys the right emotion is essential for your non profit video to succeed. In order to achieve your goals, a number of points should definitely be reflected in the video:

  • You have a mission. What is needed for your organization to succeed?
  • Choose the right person for your video, someone your target group can identify with.
  • What emotion do you want to convey? Choose the right tone to arouse this feeling.
  • Question! Let your target group take action by giving one clear way in which people can help.

At home and abroad, from start to finish

QuickWorks is an all-round video production company that can help you realise the perfect video for your organisation from start to finish, not in the least because our people are experts in their fields who work passionately and with great respect for human and animal wellbeing. We are also happy to arrange shoots abroad. We have plenty of experience in getting the proper permits and putting together expeditions. Whenever things don’t go according to plan (which is not completely uncommon in some countries), we quickly find a solution. We only use the latest equipment to capture your story and message in engaging ways. Drone footage and photography are just some of  the possibilities. We can also take care of the casting of actors and extras, if necessary. And our services don’t stop at producing your non-profit video: we will also assist in activation, and given our experiences in viral marketing, your video might just take the world by storm.

More support for your charity


Six tips

Haven't you ever made a film for your charity before? A good video production company will help you step by step through the process. To help you on your way we give you 6 tips to think about:

  1. Your goal.
    Even before a concept can be thought of, your goal needs to be clear. Which message do you want to share with your audience? What should they feel and think after seeing the film? And above all, what should they do, what action do you want to see?
  2. Your brand values.
    As soon as the goal is clear we will look at your brand values. Which tone-of-voice fits your organisation and your target group? The better we understand your organisation and target group, the better we can express this in a catchy video.
  3. Promotion.
    Do you know where your target group is? How do you want to promote your film? We would like to help you to strongly develop your marketing strategy [IL]. And we create appropriate video content [IL] for each channel.
  4. Budget.
    We like to keep an eye on your budget. The costs can vary enormously, depending on what you want to achieve. A TV campaign [IL advertising?] is much more expensive than, for example, a series of videos for social media.
    Balance and action.
    You are undoubtedly committed to wonderful charities. Probably you have a lot of very emotional images at your disposal. Still, it is important not to let the emotion dominate your message. Your audience needs to take action!
  5. Combine.
    Often during a production we can create extra useful content for multiple purposes. For example, a short version can be made for social media, or photos [IL] with which you can make your campaign broader.
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Want to brainstorm together about your non-profit video or charity? Feel free to contact us.