On-side and studio photography

There is no modern communication without visual content, and having access to a depository of great visuals is of paramount importance to any company. Together, photography and video make a powerful combination, and QuickWorks can deliver both. We take photographs on location and in our own professional daylight studio. We offer:

  • Atmosphere photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Event photography
  • Product photography
  • 360-degrees studio photography

Combining photography and film footage

QuickWorks often combines video assignments with photography shoots. Depending on the kind of assignment, either the cameraman or an extra crew member will take photos while the video is being shot—cameramen naturally have a great sense of image and composition. We also offer photo finishing and post-production. Some of the advantages of combining video and photo shoots are:

  • One stop shop 
  • All visual content will have the same uniform look and feel
  • Time and cost efficiency

360-degrees video and photography

Handing controls to the viewer

With a 360-degrees video, you’ll hand the controls to the viewer. This interactive type of video is quickly gaining popularity and there are all kinds of ways you may use it within your company. When making a 360 video, we use special equipment to film a space in all directions at the same time. The footage is then seamlessly edited together which will allow the viewer to move the image around themselves. This is a wonderful way to present your product, service or company in its entirety, especially when it’s combined with a virtual reality headset. A 360 product video allows a viewer to move around a product and see it from all possible angles—a welcome addition, in particular for webshops. Send us an indication of the kinds and volumes of products you’d like recorded, and we will submit a price quote.

Combining 360 video with virtual reality

Your VR production will gain an entirely new dimension when VR technology is combined with 3D animation footage. This film is a great example of what’s possible. Allow your viewers to be the first to experience a new attraction, let them wander around your business, or give them a virtual tour. Deploy your 360 video during trade fairs and become the talk of the entire event. People love experiencing something new, so give them a unique preview of your latest product. Transport them to amazing locations and give them an unforgettable experience—an experience that makes sure they will never forget your company.

Casting actors, finding extras and scouting locations

Many customers like to play the leading role in their own videos, but sometimes you just get better results hiring a professional actor. Experienced actors know exactly how to communicate the right emotions in your video. A good extra is an extension of the scene backdrop and adds to the general atmosphere. But you can also choose to hire featured extras, who play a more prominent part in a scene, or famous or upcoming actors or tv presenters with plenty of experience. QuickWorks can find the optimal solution for any assignment and any budget.

the perfecte match

A successful video is a video viewers can identify  with. Your campaign needs exactly the right face or type to represent your product or service. Someone who can translate your message to the audience perfectly. Normal people who can represent the average viewer, but who also have the necessary camera experience.

Location scouting

Finding the right location is no less important for the success of your video campaign. The backdrop should match the brand awareness while not claiming too much attention for itself. The right location makes your video look interesting and professional. QuickWorks has lots of experience and can find the right actor, extra, location and even pet for your video.

Animation and graphics

The best fit for your video

Animations, 3D animations and graphics can add that final touch to your video production. Animation footage allows you to explain highly complex concepts in a clear and comprehensible way. We often combine real-life footage with animation in our film productions. Animation and graphics can be deployed in many different kinds of ways. We will sit down with you to discuss what will work for your company, message and budget.

Graphic and visual elements

Graphic and visual elements can push your corporate film or product video from good to great. we We will attune our approach to the look and feel you’re aiming for. The possibilities are endless. Just take a look at these examples.


Animations can be used in all kinds of ways, from advertising campaigns to fascinating presentations with tables, graphs and other figures for internal use. But you can also use animation to explain a complex machine that is still in the development phase. This video shows how different kinds of real-life and animated footage can be used in the same video