Commissioning a product video

From script to screen

Are you looking for the perfect partner to make your product video? Look no further than QuickWorks. With our product promotion video service, we will guide your project from script to screen. Our creative team will use all its formidable expertise to capture your product as perfectly as possible. There is an art to producing an enticing product video, but getting the final video to the right audience is no mean feat either! That is why QuickWorks offers a comprehensive service package that addresses all facets of the process. We will draw up a concept, shoot and edit it, and help you distribute the result using an effective video strategy and video activation plan. This will guarantee your product video’s success.

A product video increases the conversion rate

Seeing equals buying

Shopping from the comfort of your own home is wonderful, but many people nowadays are missing a real connection with the products they buy. An online purchase is markedly different from experiencing the physical product in a store first. But that’s about to change: a great product video can bridge this gap and offer shoppers a way to experience your product.

Highlighting unique features

A great product promotion video knows how to show the true value of your product within seconds. Can your product do something nothing else can? Emphasise these features with subtle graphics or animation. Your product will convince and entice the audience, resulting in a tangible conversion rate increase.

Discus you product video wishes

a unique product video

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Create need

With a good product video you can make products attractive that people didn't know they needed yet. You sell a product by creating a need. Video is the perfect tool to sketch a recognizable problem. Of course, immediately followed by the solution, in the form of your product. And so the product video has many more advantages.

Showing your brand identity

A product video is the ideal place to express your brand identity. You present your product in action and show the most important benefits, while subtly highlighting your brand.

Versatile marketing material

A product video is versatile and gives you the freedom to visualize your product the way you want it. Show the most fantastic features or a thorough user review with a video testimonial. Tailoring the product video to your goals makes it a valuable and powerful item in your marketing.

Combine with photography

Quickworks is an all-round video production company. We often combine film and photography during the shooting days. Your product is at its best, so take advantage of the shooting set and add value with photography or 360 degree video in line with the video. We like to use our professional people and equipment to make your video and other content as catchy as possible.

Widely deployable

Because of the wide range of applications, the product video is indispensable in your marketing. The video is reusable and versatile, with a long shelf life. Use it on various platforms, such as YouTube, facebook and of course your own website. But also offline, in a shop or at a trade fair, the product video does an excellent job. We are happy to help you with the video activation [IL] using a tight strategy.

The perfect product video

Creating the perfect product video together

There are many factors to consider when making a good product video. And that's why we're here to guide you through them. Together we will look for the purpose of the video. What 'problem' are you going to solve for your customer? Who are you focusing on and where are these people? What is needed to give your audience exactly what they need, and take action? With your input we make the perfect product video for your company! An amazingly good product video for your company? Contact us, we're here for you!