Create a professional project video

Have impact

Your project is complete and you are really proud of the final product or service. Everyone needs to see this! You could of course make a presentation and talk about the process, but imagine how much more impact it would have if you commissioned a great project film. Images, after all, speak louder than words. You can show your audience your progression from conception to end result in just a few seconds. An appealing option that really captures the audience’s attention.

Preparation is half the work for a project video

QuickWorks can help you capture the essence of your project. A professional project film requires proper preparations to create the basis for the entire film. We start with a briefing and the writing of a script. We then move on to planning and set-up. We know from earlier experiences that our clients usually greatly favour a lot of flexibility and we are as responsive to this as possible. After all, even the best planning can be dislodged by weather conditions and other unpredictable setbacks.

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The project video in the makng

How we do it

Plan-based approach

In-house video production

Experts in storytelling

Preview and adjustments

More value for money

Applications of the project video

Some possible project video applications:

  • Industrial projects
  • Engineering projects
  • Offshore projects
  • Constuction projects
  • Goverment projects
  • Real estate and housing association project
  • Roadbuilding, civil-engineering and utility projects
  • Healthcare projects
  • Any projects you wish to capture and broadcast to the world...

Film series showing project progress

We are also highly skilled in capturing the different phases of a single project. A project film can comprise a series of different films. We can for example make monthly project installments that you can use to update all your stakeholders. The series is concluded with the complete film showing the entire project from concept to delivery.


Unique services

Strict safety requirements make offshore projects interesting challenges. Making an offshore project film therefore means taking the greatest possible care. QuickWorks understands how such projects work and can offer unique services, customised to offshore projects.

A lot of experience with offshore projects

QuickWorks has extensive experience with offshore projects. One of our cameramen commands a broad technical experience and has all necessary offshore papers, such as OPITO including HUET plus Emergency Breathing System and Norwegian Oil and Gas accepted upgrade to the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and of course the VCA Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors.

Depending on the scope, number, speed and repetition of actions and movements, this cameraman can capture multiple disciplines during a single trip, using techniques such as conventional filming, timelapse (which can run on its own for weeks), photography, drone recordings, and drone photography. QuickWorks is a video production company with an industrial, maritime and offshore heart, which you will see in full bloom in your project film.