Commissioning a testimonial video

Powerful sales tool

Testimonials and reviews are the most powerful tools in boosting sales, in particular for online purchases. People’s decisions are greatly affected by social recommendations. They like seeing what others think first, especially if these others are similar to them. Psychologist and profession Robert Cialdini said the following in an interview:

I recently read an astounding study that showed that 98% of all customers who shop online first read other people’s reviews. That is amazing to me as a psychologist. I have never encountered anything that affects 98% of people.” | Dr. Robert Cialdini – Pursuanion technique expert

Reflecting authentic emotions and involvement

So we can see that testimonials are indispensable. Written reviews can already have significant effects, but nothing is more powerful than a customer talking about their experiences in a video, as this allows us to really see their emotions. Such videos are considered high-quality and appealing content of an authentic nature. A video review shows the person behind the story. If your target audience identifies with that person and their situation, the message will be even more valuable and will have an undertone of reliability.

Your customers are your best salespeople


A great testimonial is decidedly not an uninterrupted chain of compliments.  The customer should talk about how they experienced the product or service, and they should certainly also address some less positive aspects, as this will greatly increase the video’s credibility. The review will become even more effective if your company was able to tackle the issues a customer addresses in their video. You should make sure that the testimonial does not devolve into a sales pitch but truly reflects a genuine customer experience.

A sincere, honest and credible story

The key factor in creating a customer testimonial video is recording a sincere, honest and credible story. One must strike a careful balance between the script, the questions the interviewer asks, and the answers your customer provides. They must always feel free to provide an honest, personal reply. In short: authentic storytelling.

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