Commissioning a time-lapse video

Time-lapse videos can be a great addition to your video content. They can be used as a promotional video, or as part of a presentation or website. But they also work in corporate videos or advertising campaigns. Commission a time-lapse video of your transport, event, movements or (construction) projects and show your business at work.

“Capture dynamic processes over a long period of time, all show in a spectacular time-lapse video.”

A time-lapse video shoot can be set up to last several minutes, hours or even years. Time-lapse is a wonderful way to capture your construction project or event, or a production process or image from nature.

Making a time-lapse video involves shooting a long series of photos or video recordings, usually from the same spot. These shots are then edited together into a single video and sped up, which reveals views that we normally cannot see. The rising sun, a city’s traffic flow, the growing of a plant, the construction of a building or simply clouds speeding by—it’s a beautiful effect.

Would you like to show a specific situation from multiple angles? No problem! QuickWorks can set up a range of cameras that run in synch, and the diverse images are crafted into a single video in our editing suite.

Time-lapse video applications

The possibilities for using time-lapse videos are virtually endless. In a time-lapse video, the simplest things – like a cloud drifting across the sky – become spectacular and fascinating. Capturing production processes or construction projects with this technique adds a whole new dimension to your project or service.

Time-lapse videos can be separate, independent components of your marketing strategy, but we also regularly use them as part of corporate videos. This variety keeps the viewer’s attention and makes your videos look very professional.

Some time-lapse applications:

  • Factory production processes
  • Transport
  • Events
  • The seasons as seen from a particular location
  • Construction projects
  • Engineering projects
  • Crowds of people
  • Natural landscapes
  • Busy life in urban environments
  • Movements in general
  • Sports and competitions

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Time-lapse camera

QuickWorks shoots time-lapse videos using 1 or several high-resolution cameras. Our experienced and professional cameramen see every project as a new challenge: combining the best video recordings with our creativity to produce a video that shows your company at its best.

The QuickWorks time-lapse cameras shoot the best possible footage in all conditions. The battery and the solar-power system allow the equipment to keep running over long periods of time, and the camera is properly powered even if it gets cloudy overhead. As this means there is no need to plug in the camera anywhere, we can film in quite literally almost any location.

Time-lapse video for your company

Do you want to commission a time-lapse video for your company? QuickWorks always delivers the best results through its process of extensive preparations, solid planning and a tight script.

Once the video has been completed, we will help you deploy it in effective ways, both online and offline, to yield the best results for your company and reach the greatest possible target audience.

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