Video annual report

A great way to get people to actually pay attention to your annual raport

People generally read annual reports for a shocking 9 seconds! That is not a long time, especially considering how much effort goes into such reports. But an annual report doesn’t have to be boring: turn a necessary evil into something that binds and that generates positive attention for your company.

An original alternative

Video annual reports are an original alternative. Presenting your report in a video will make your company appear more personal. You can show what your company has achieved over the past year and what plans have been made for the upcoming period. Highlight your most successful project and put a face to the organisation by interviewing some of the company leaders. The possibilities are endless.

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Fast and effective
A video report is indispensable within your company. With a reportage you transfer information in a faster way. You show what your organization stands for. A good video report answers a central question within a few minutes, your audience quickly sees what it's all about.

A beautiful visual report
Your video report can also be a perfect visual report of your event. Supplemented with conversations of the organization, employees and/or visitors a valuable reminder of the event is created. You can also ask us to take care of the photography during the event. Two birds with one stone.


Create awareness
What makes documentaries so special? A good documentary creates awareness and encourages behavioural change, or at least makes people think deeply about the subject. Docu style entertainment is storytelling from the top shelf. This film technique directly responds to the emotions of the audience, and leaves a lasting impression.

Documentaries and personal video portraits
Personal documentaries capture your story in an engaging way. A personal video portrait puts you, as the person behind the company, in the picture. And that is the way to radiate trust, openness and honesty. People buy from people. The difference is not in the product you offer but to the people behind it. That's how you can distinguish yourself.

Storytelling films
Quickworks has a passion for stories, and is happy to present your story through a strong sample storytelling. You can have your say in the film, someone from your organisation or someone your organisation is committed to. The subject can also speak for itself so that words will not add anything. By telling the right story, your audience can identify with the characters. A video is ideal to convey experiences, atmospheres and feelings. Storytelling is the success factor in an inspiring video. Would you like to have an inspiring video made of your project, or the people behind your company? Then please contact us. We love to tell your story!