Why invest in a video strategy

A strong video strategy will allow you to deploy your video marketing to optimal effect. Naturally, you want to attain certain objectives with your company videos. Name recognition and brand awareness, leads, sales or instructions are just a few of the goals you may have in mind. All require a properly developed video strategy. QuickWorks tackles your video strategy by first getting an overview of the complete picture. We take your current marketing strategy and use it as the basis for developing the various components of your new video strategy. We then use this information to create the perfect video content, of course supported by comprehensive video activation.

5 key components of any video strategy

Advantages of a video strategy

Total customer journey influence

Plan-based approach

Optimal use of budget

Commercially successful content

Targeted and findable

3H model

Solid foundations

Are you serious about integrating video content into your marketing? The 3Hub model can form the solid foundation for your video strategy, allowing you to establish a stable relationship with your target audience. You will be found better online and you can proactively support your audience’s satisfaction by answering their questions directly. Establishing a permanent impact will increase your conversion rate.

Getting a clear view of your video content

The 3Hub model comprises three kinds of video content: Hero, Hub and Help.

Hero video content

  • Hero-level video content is marketing in the big leagues. These videos will reach large audiences and who knows, they might even go viral!

Hub video content

  • Hub video content is a fixture in your video marketing push. Visitors will keep coming back for it and your organisation will stay on your (potential) target audience’s mind.

Help video content

  • This may seem like the less interesting of the three options, but this is the content that you’ll use to directly engage with your target audience’s questions, comments and wishes. Video content that viewers actively go looking for. People increasingly enter full sentences or questions into search engines: How does … work?, Where can I … ?, Clever ideas for …, Etc.