Viral marketing, the secret ingredient

Strong emotional connection

It can sometimes seem as if certain videos go viral without any effort. Nothing could be further from the truth: getting a corporate video to go viral requires immense amounts of work and planning. There is a huge difference between a fun commercial and a video that can really go viral. You will have to earn the media attention you’re looking for. But what is the secret ingredient that makes a video go viral? Successful viral marketing campaigns use storytelling to forge a strong emotional connection with the viewer. Such videos can be inspiring, funny, surprising or even shocking, and the viewer simply has to share it with their friends, family and network.

Some viral ingredients:

  • Recognition
  • Emotion
  • Involvement
  • Concetual synergy
  • Approaching te right social infuencers
  • Engaging cummunities
  • Using the perfect suprise effect

Begin by  entertaining

Viral marketing requires your company to first succeed in entertaining and only then start promoting yourself. As soon as viewers feel that they’re watching an ad, their attention will dissipate. Your message has to be subtly packaged in a highly entertaining video that captures your audience.

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Shouting across the entire sea or going viral in the right fish bowl?

Playing a numbers game or...

It seems like a wonderful thing: going viral all over the world. But your video might yield more actual results when it reaches the right 1000 people – it’s different for every company.  The total numbers don’t show whether the intended effect has been accomplished. You may reach tens of thousands of people, but if only a tiny fraction of them are potential buyers of your product or service, all that exposure doesn’t mean very much. The real jackpot in video marketing is going viral with the right target audience.

It's always exciting and surprising

Sometimes videos go viral and no one understands why. In other cases, a video seems destined to become popular. No matter how expertly you plan the strategy, the script and the activation efforts, you can never really predict what will go viral. Everything has to be perfect, down to the smallest details like locations where the video is shot and the available marketing budget.

Surprise your audience, but remain true to yourself

It is important to take into account whether the story – the contents of the video – is relevant to and fits in with the company’s identity. A forced story will never work. Only after you’ve entertained your audience will you have ‘permission’ to share your brand message. If you haven’t earned this yet, the viewer will simply move on.

Simple message

The message of any viral video must be simple: do not try to say too much at the same time. And never betray your norms and values. The closer you adhere to your identity, the more authentic your message will feel. And that is exactly what people want to see. Do you already have a viral idea? Contact us today and share your concept: we love a challenge!