Workshop filming with your mobile phone

Workshop program

The workshop consists of both theory and practice. Filming is something visual and that's why we make it nice and visual for you. After the reception we will tell you what the do and don'ts are by means of online examples.

We will put you and another participant to work to do one or more practical assignments. After the break we will look at each other's videos and give tips and tops. We will not send you away empty handed. Afterwards you will receive a pdf with the most important tips and a certificate.

Quotation of the workshop?
Call or mail!


How to participate
We offer you several possibilities to follow the workshop:

  • As participant of 1 of the open registrations
  • With your team and/or colleagues
    • This can be done at QuickWorks as well as at your company.

The open registrations are always in house at QuickWorks. Both inside and outside there is enough space to practice in practice.

Following the workshop together pays off
Together it pays off in several ways. If you come with one or more colleagues, you can work together during the workshop and encourage each other to get started afterwards. Every colleague you bring with you gets a 10% discount and of course you get the same discount. Do you want a workshop in which only your company participates, then we tailor the workshop to your situation. This is also the most financially attractive way for each participant to participate. Request a quote today.