Commissioning an effective YouTube video

The average attention span of a YouTube audience is very short, so videos must be extremely interesting to keep your target audience’s attention to the very end. Social media videos of 30-60 seconds have been shown to be the most effective: 80% of viewers finish such videos and you have the time to actually deliver your message the way you want. 60 seconds is also a perfect length for basic How-To videos and the like. Most people don’t finish videos of 2-3 minutes or more, unless your video is interesting enough to be worth the time: then, you can make it even longer.

So it’s clear that launching an effective YouTube video is no mean achievement. Because how can you tell an interesting story with a solid call to action in just 30-60 seconds? You’ll need a very tight script and your video will have to be activated in exactly the right way, to avoid it getting lost in the ocean of content that is out there. QuickWorks is an all-round video production company with services that extend beyond making beautiful videos: we will consult and assist you from start to finish, from the first concept up to making sure your video reaches its target audience.

YouTube marketing

YouTube is the world’s biggest video platform, reaching billions of users around the world. They watch about 5 billion videos every day. Here, your video has a potentially huge audience, as long as you manage to launch it in the right way. 100 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. How are you going to stand out with yours? This is exactly what QuickWorks can help you with.

Views are the only thing that matters on YouTube: lots of views, as quickly as possible. YouTube marketing is indispensable in attaining this objective. The more views your video gets, the higher it will feature in the YouTube search results. And popular videos are also more often shown as related videos.

YouTube video activation

YouTube is by far the best-known video platform around. It’s free and it’s easy to embed their videos or link to them. And since Google owns YouTube, your video will feature more quickly and higher on the list of Google search results. A disadvantage is the fierce competition: it’s very easy for your video to get lost in the sea of content. YouTube is also a commercial medium, meaning that videos are often preceded or interrupted by advertising. But you can use this to your advantage by buying pre-roll space.

Video activation on Vimeo, the alternative to YouTube

Other than YouTube, Vimeo has a very crisp, clean layout. There are also hardly or no ads, which means that the viewer will really focus on your video. Vimeo can be used for free, but that comes with a cap on the number of videos you can upload. The platform also offers interesting and quite affordable subscriptions. Vimeo is a professional video website with a friendly audience, although its quite a bit smaller than YouTube.

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Commissioning a Pre-roll

Everyone has seen them: the short ads that play automatically before a YouTube video. These advertising clips are known as “pre-rolls”. Viewers often have to watch the entire pre-roll before they can proceed to the video, sometimes a pre-roll can be skipped after a few seconds. More and more companies are capitalising on this clever way of advertising.

Immediate triggering with pre-roll videos

A pre-roll works best when they swiftly trigger the audience: you have to grab the viewer’s attention instantly and communicate your message in a matter of seconds. Most people skip a pre-roll after a few seconds, so you only have that tiny window to clearly show your brand. The optimal result is that these seconds succeed in fascinating the viewer enough to get them to watch the entire pre-roll. This is an art it itself, and it’s an art QuickWorks has mastered.

Commissioning video content

There are many advantages to commissioning an experienced and professional company to create your video content. QuickWorks is an all-round video production company with services that go beyond making a video. We can consult and assist you with fresh  ideas, a strong strategy deploying Google’s 3Hub model and an effective activation of your videos.

You can entrust us with all your video needs from start to finish, saving you lots of time and money.

What are the benefits og hiring a video production company?

The advantages of using video content in your marketing are endless, and there are many industries where a strong visual strategy will put you in the lead over your competitors. This is especially true when you take the challenge seriously and hire a professional video production company. They can help you every step of the way with creating content and bringing it to the attention of your target audience in unique, creative and refreshing ways. It will be more than worth your investment. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Contact us today.


Why use video content for your business?
Some advantages:

  • Images say more than 1000 words
  • Your message powerfully visualized in video and sound
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Personal approach to your target group
  • Higher conversion
  • Video is more often shared via social media channels
  • Relatively quick and easy to deploy
  • Videos are viewed on desktop, tablet and smartphones
  • Increase the visit duration of your website
  • Video messages are better remembered than text
  • Emotions are better conveyed with video
  • Increase trust in your brand and products or services
  • Videos are versatile, online and offline
  • Reach new people easily

Creative content

Quickworks delivers creative video content that reaches just the right audience and increases your visibility. Beautiful images and a strong message, tailored to your target audience and the channel you want to spread it on. With Quickworks, applying your video content effectively becomes a breeze.

Online video advertising

More and more online

Online video advertising is slowly taking the place of the TV commercial. More and more people watch their programs and series online. This is a great opportunity to promote your company, product and brand. But also the many social media platforms are an ideal place to reach your target group. Online video marketing is therefore indispensable within your company.

Online video productions

Quickworks knows exactly what is needed for good online video production. Advertising on YouTube, creating pre-rolls and placing video ads before, during or after other online video content, anything is possible. The possibilities of online video advertising are almost endless. Approximately 79% of the Dutch over the age of 13 watch online video, many even on a daily basis. Video advertising has a positive effect on the memory of your product. You have many possibilities and choices for the placement of your ad. Even exclusive placement is possible, so without competition in the same block.


In addition, online video advertising offers possibilities that the TV does not. You can make your video ad clickable so that you can stimulate direct action. Don't wait any longer and use the most powerful tool within your marketing. We are happy to show you what effect video content and YouTube marketing can have on your business.