We wanted to create something new and inspiring. A way to combine our passion for cinema with the floricultural world: Cinefleur Magazine.

Cinefleur is the free inspirational, international online magazine made by QuickWorks for floral and green pros.


Every edition features another European city. Be inspired by personal stories of florists and garden centres. Every other month we highlight trends, inspiration and new products in collaboration with breeders, growers and industry suppliers. Cinefleur travels far and abroad to find stories to be told and visualized through film and photography.

Cinefleur is:

  • An International platform
    aimed at floral and green pros.
  • Creates interest and demand for featured products.
  • Professional team with knowledge and passion for the floral industry.
  • Visual content created by Cinefleur, is free to be used by our partners for promotional purposes.
  • Content from unique locations across Europe.


A visually interesting, catchy magazine with an eye for quality. A great way for floral and green professionals to get a visual representation of their brand. A fun way for consumers and enthusiasts to stay up to date with the latest developments in the sector.  Receive the free, digital Cinefleur magazine every two months on your digital doormat. So you won't miss a thing!

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